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Hello, Iím Capt. J. Ferguson. I have been a full time professional charter fishing captain since 1989. After spending many years as one of the busiest guides in the ultra competitive waters of Key West, Florida, in 2006 I made the move to the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. I have found these new waters to be a very exciting place to take my clients fishing.

I learned the art of guiding from some of the pioneers of our sport and some of the very best charter captains in the world. I employ the same techniques that were effective in my former fishery for the same species in these pristine waters and so far have had very good catches and happy customers.

I still appreciate the thrill of fishing and enjoy providing the encouraging coaching that allows everyone from first time salt water fisherman to seasoned anglers to get the most out of these waters that I am fortunate enough to call my office.

About the Vieques Fishing Boat



My boat is a 26 foot Panga. (Panga is a Japanese word for a machete like blade). These boats are pound for pound some of the most seaworthy, efficient boats in the world. They are roughly the same shape as New England dories, surf rescue boats, North Sea commercial fishing boats and Viking longships.

This particular design came about through a partnership between the World Bank (a nonprofit, multi nationally funded organization) and the Yamaha Corporation. The World Bank contracted Yamaha to design and build a rugged hull that would allow commercial fisherman in the poorer nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America to earn a living and help provide for the planetís growing demand for seafood.

About Vieques Fishing

Captain J -

We had the best time fishing w/ you on Wednesday. Here's the photo of the three of us with the big (and delicious) catch. We'll be happy to recommend you to anyone we know who goes to Vieques!

Thanks for a memorable day!


In addition to great fishing, the dolphins pictured above are a real life example of the other beautiful marine life that you might see when out with Capt J.

Dear J,

We had an awesome time with you!  The time with you was the highlight of our trip, and we have been to Vieques many, many times.  You are an asset to the island, and fun guy to be around.

Thanks again,







In Vieques, we are lucky enough to have our best fishing within minutes of the beach. We have a blue water dropoff that goes from the 160 foot range down to 1500-5000 feet in the space of a hundred yards. In all my years on the ocean, this is the most abrupt structure change that I have witnessed. This ledge runs along the length of our island all the way past the main island of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Best of all, it begins about a mile from the beach. Sometimes our best fishing is within a few hundred yards of the shore.

The fish that we find along this edge are some combination of blackfin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, kingfish, barracuda, bonito, blue marlin, white marlin, jacks, etc. Part of what keeps it exciting for me is that there are no real set seasons regarding species and any given day could bring any of the above.

Trolling is generally the most effective means of catching fish as most of our targeted species are pelagic or migratory fish that spend their entire life on the move.

We donít do any bottom fishing because it does not work very well in these waters.

Almost all of your charter is fishing time with no long runs to the grounds. A four hour charter is generally more than enough time to put a great catch together. The bite tends to wind down around midday, so a 4 hour charter is generally all that is needed. If the fish are still biting after 4 hours, schedule permitting, we can extend for an hour or two at a rate of $90 per additional hour.


In order to hold a date, I require a one hundred dollar deposit. Simply give me a call with a credit card number (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) at (787) 502-3839. I will send you an email confirmation once your deposit is processed. I suggest reserving well in advance.


  • We have a generous 7 day cancellation policy. If you cancel within 7 days, the deposit is non -refundable.

  • You MUST give me a call or text the day before to touch base and for directions. If your phone doesnít work here, find a bar or restaurant and ask to make a local call. If that doesnít work, email me. If I donít hear from you by 6 PM the day before your charter, I will not be there in the morning and your deposit will be lost. I hope you understand, there is considerable set up involved and I must hear from you.

  • Last minute no shows will be charged in full for the price of the charter.
    -Weather- If the weather is too bad or unsafe and we are unable to reschedule, I will gladly refund your deposit. Weather decisions are made by me alone.


  • $350 for the WHOLE BOAT for 4 hours. I only do private charters so it is just you and your party. 2-3 anglers is best but I can take a maximum of 4 anglers provided the average per person weight is less than 200 pounds. Everything is provided. You just need to bring whatever you want to eat or drink.
    If the fish are biting, we can extend by the hour (my schedule permitting) at a rate of $90 per hour for up to two additional hours.


For more information, please contact us today!

Captain J Ferguson
103 Calle Hucar
Vieques, PR 00765

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